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GCH CH Drakyi Lion Of Judah

Tibetan Mastiff

Owner: Mark Lott.
Breeder: Rick Eichhorn
Agent: Holly Leftwich PHA
Sex: Dog
Birthdate: 12/06/2010
AKC Reg: WS364072/01
Call Name:Judah
Weight:135 lbs
Eye Color:dark brown
Coat Color:red sable
Coat Type:dense/long mane and cape
Groom Type:natural
Bone Type:heavy
Bite Type:Scissor

Health Info

OFA prelim GOOD hips, elbows clear


No Pedigree Image

This dog's campaigning status is not currently known

Breed Points:
16 verified
16 unverified

All-Breed Points:
1046 verified
1046 unverified

Breed Ranking:
#6 in breed, verified
#6 in breed, unverified

All-Breed Ranking:
#2 in all-breed, verified
#2 in all-breed, unverified

Working Group Ranking:
not ranked



2012 Eukanuba National Championship Best of Breed 2014 Eukanuba National Championship Best of Breed


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